Ultra Thermal 1-2 Person Emergency Sleeping Bag

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  • Single Envelope size: 78 inches * 29 inches
  • Double Envelope size: 78 inches * 57 inches
  • Made of tear resistant material, can be used repeatedly. Heavy Duty Mylar Material.
  • Weight: 0.28 lbs
  • Color: Orange

Note: this material can be used repeatedly, it does not tear or rip easily.


1. In a low temperature environment, this sleeping bag can maintain 90% of heat on it's own and does not emit.
2 .Can be used as a picnic mat.
3. Professional first aid color, it makes it easier for paramedics or rescue teams to find you. Helps as a tool for survival in the wild.
4. Emergency blanket for cold, when the rest can be used as a blanket, cut off the outside air to warm effect.
5. First aid blanket blanket design, ultra-thin, easy to close, easy to carry.
6 .In an outdoor environment, this product is suitable for field exploration, investigation, tourism, and disaster help.

This ultra thermal sleeping bag will help you when you need it most.


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