Heavy-Duty Armor Case for iPhone

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A phone should be able to handle rough weather and conditions because there is no telling what can happen at any moment. Most phone cases just don’t provide solid protection, especially to those who live a more active lifestyle that involves the outdoors. Built from ultra-light aluminum, the Heavy-Duty Armor Case protects your iPhone from the very toughest of impacts, while still remaining easy to carry. Made dirt-resistant, shockproof and with multiple layers of protection, the Heavy-Duty Armor Case will save your iPhone and screen from anything the elements throw at it.

iPhone Case Protection

Through precise engineering, all features of the phone are fully accessible while in the case. Your iPhone is protected by several armored layers including a Metal Front Plate, 9H Temper Glass, a Silicon Impact Truss, Port Cover and Metal Back Cover for extra security. This ensures that your phone stays intact, no matter if it drops on concrete or takes an unexpected hit.

Multilayer Protection


Key Features:

  • Aluminum Metal Case.
  • Dirt-Resistant.
  • Heavy-Duty.
  • Multiple Layers of Protection.
  • Built-in Lanyard Loop so you can wear it around your neck, shoulder or wrist.
  • Integrated Vibe Switch.
  • Doesn’t Interfere with Your Phone Signal.
  • Light and Easy to Carry.
  • Available in Multiple Colors.

Clear Signal

iPhone Protect

Armored Phone Case for iPhone






Included in Package:

1 Heavy-Duty Armor Case for iPhone


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