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Say goodbye to batteries with the revolutionary new Solar Rechargeable Camping Lantern! This lantern is bright enough to give you light when you need it most. Whether camping, fishing, hiking or stuck in a power outage, this lantern is what you need to see in the dark!

It has three different ways of charging: Solar, Direct through plug and Battery, so you can be sure you'll have enough power to last you a very, very long time.

This collapsible Solar Lantern is compact in size and can be carried around to use in case you get stuck at night. This is the perfect accessory for camping and it's 6 LED lights provide more than enough brightness to allow you to see clearly under any conditions. Built with special low energy consumption technology, this lantern has an operational life of over 100,000 hours!

Great to hang in your tent or keep in your basement in case of power outages, it has many great uses. The lantern itself charges automatically by just being placed in the sun. This will provide much needed light in case the internal battery or AA batteries run out. There is actually 3 ways to give power to this incredible light, something that has never been seen before!

Key Details:

  • Built with a high quality plastic shell, glass top, stainless steel handles, shockproof and durable.
  • Lasts over 100,000 hours.
  • To charge solar power just put the lamp in the sun, it will charge automatically, 3 hours of lighting on Solar once fully charged.
  • Can be charged by AC charging cord.
  • Can also be powered by putting 3 x AA batteries (not included) in the bottom.
  • 6 LEDs of power, low power consumption, operation life up to 100,000 hours.
  • Available in two colors, Black or Brown/Copper
  • When opening it, light will turn on, when you close it, light will turn off.
  • Red indicator light displays level of charge.
  • Energy saving technology, very environment friendly.
  • Its innovative design and ease of use make it the ideal light.
  • Super lightweight and compact.
  • Unique telescopic design.
  • Features an omni-directional design and energy saving bulbs, giving 360 high-intensity.
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, boating, fishing, car repairs, home etc.

Black Solar Power Lantern


Solar Power


Charger Lantern

6 LED Lights

Power Supply



  • Power Source: Solar, Battery, Direct Power Supply
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Functions: Low Power Consumption, Long life, Bright
  • Power Source: AA, AC Charging, Solar Power
  • Light Source: 6 LED Lights
  • Voltage: 220V,110V
  • Solar Cell Type: Lithium Battery
  • AC Input: AC110-250V
  • Capacity: 1000mah



Included in Package:

  • 1 X Solar Rechargeable Camping Lantern
  • 1 X AC Charging Cord

2 Lanterns

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