Stealth Hand Warmer

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Tired of your hands getting cold while hunting? Let the "Stealth Hand Warmer" be your perfect companion while hunting in cold weather! Keep your mind off the bitter cold or wind and have a layer of armor protecting you against tougher hunting conditions. This handy accessory combines a durable shell and wind stopper membrane with thermal insulation to keep your hands warm and dry inside the internal hand warmer pocket.

This "Stealth Hand Warmer" is perfect for hunters or anybody in woodland environments, where you're likely to sit motionless for long periods of time.

Stealth Hand Warmer - Facts

✓ Keeps hands dry and warm
✓ Built-in belt with side release option
✓ Adjustable straps for superior fit and comfort
✓ Worn around neck or waist
✓ One size fits all
✓ Free Shipping
✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed


High-loft, low-weight brushed fabrics help foil wind and trap heat, and both base layers and outerwear are cut for minimal bulk and full range of motion, making extended sits more bearable. This is a must have for any hunter and will allow you to focus on your hunt, not on how cold your hands feel.

Due to high demand on these unique items, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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