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Be prepared for anything with these Tactical Combat Gloves. These durable, military grade gloves are perfect for the shooting range, camping, rigorous outdoor conditions, riding your motorcycle, hiking, hunting, mountaineering, fishing, cycling, climbing, adventure travel and virtually every other activity that require your hands to be protected.

Built with flex-fit technology, these gloves ensure the movement of your fingers are never compromised.

Made with a combination of durable and wear-resistant materials, these gloves will last and protect you from the very toughest of conditions. They can be worn year round, under any temperature, and are similar to those worn by Elite Military Forces worldwide. Available in 3 colors, these gloves are made for those who are prepared for anything the world throws at them.

These gloves come in 3 sizes - M, L and XL. Please see the size chart below to see which size is right for you.

Size Chart

M= 7.87 inches

L= 8.26 inches

XL= 8.66 inches

Key Details:

  •  Material: Acrylic,Synthetic Leather,Spandex
  •  Glove Type: Army Tactical Gloves
  •  Glove Length: Wrist
  •  Colors Available: Black, Army Green, Khaki

Army Gloves 1

Army gloves

Khaki Glvoes

Black Gloves

Green Gloves

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