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Not many things are worse than wearing something that’s still wet. This can be even more uncomfortable if you're camping or out in the wilderness. The Dryline is a portable, compact, clothesline that you can hang anywhere, so you can dry your clothes, wherever you are!

Made of high quality stainless steel wire and a rubberized spring clip, The Dryline is durable and has a strong clamping force. Perfect for hanging underwear, socks, towels and more while you're out in the woods.

Key Features:

  • Can stretch up to 11.8 feet (3.6 meters)
  • Available in 4 colors, Red, Blue, Green or Purple
  • Made of high quality stainless steel wire
  • Rubberized spring clip has a strong clamping force
  • Includes 12 clamps



Hangs on tree


12 Clamps


Hanging Length

Included in Package:

  • 1 x Dryline
  • 12 x Clamps

Dryling + Clamps


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