Hello, I’m Mira. I’m a camper and hiker who was born and reared in Iceland as a hobbyist. I’ve always loved escaping to the great outdoors with my family on camping excursions or on adventure camps since I can remember.

When this started out it was just for fun but after a while, my desire to reconnect with nature turned into an urge for freedom which led me to go solo camping most of the time!

These adventure camps were brilliant for my former teenage self. They had climbed, abseiling, kayaking, and survival tips and culminated in the ultimate survival experience.

However, things have changed. I moved to the city, went to university, got a job, and developed as a person in many ways.

This is my goal in creating this site: to reconnect with nature without becoming sodden and depressed. Since I was eating thistle soup, the equipment has advanced a long way, and being outside no longer needs to be unpleasant.

I enjoy the sensation of exploring remote areas, but it’s not always simple when you’re used to contemporary comforts.