Best Golf Cart Heaters: Top-rated Propane Options

Looking for the best golf cart heater? Consider the propane-powered option, a cost-effective and reliable choice for heating your golf cart.

Propane heaters provide efficient warmth while on the course, ensuring a comfortable experience even in chilly weather. With various options available in the market, finding the right golf cart heater can enhance your overall golfing experience. Whether you prefer a portable propane heater or an electric model, it’s essential to choose a heater that suits your specific needs and budget.

Let’s explore some of the top-rated golf cart heaters to keep you warm and cozy during your rounds of golf.

Best Golf Cart Heaters

Top Picks

Looking for the best golf cart heaters? Check out our top picks for portable propane heaters that are cost-effective and reliable for keeping you warm during your golf outings.

Best Golf Cart Heaters – Top Picks

Mr. Heater Golf Buddy Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater Golf Buddy Golf Cart Heater is a top choice for golfers seeking reliable warmth on chilly days. It offers efficient heating for a comfortable ride.

Alpha Heat Portable Heater

Alpha Heat Portable Heater is a versatile option, known for its portability and exceptional performance. It ensures consistent warmth during your golf sessions.

Mr. Heater Golf Buddy Golf Cart Heater provides efficient heating for comfortable rides. Alpha Heat Portable Heater is known for portability and exceptional performance.
Best Golf Cart Heaters: Top-rated Propane Options


Factors To Consider

When choosing the best golf cart heater, it’s essential to consider various factors that can impact your overall experience. From portability to safety features and ease of installation, each aspect plays a crucial role in determining the most suitable heater for your needs.


  • Size: Opt for a compact heater that doesn’t take up much space in your golf cart.
  • Weight: Choose a lightweight heater for easy transportation and handling.

Safety Features

  • Auto Shut-Off: Look for heaters with an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.
  • Tip-Over Protection: Select heaters equipped with tip-over protection to prevent accidents.
  • Certifications: Ensure the heater meets safety standards and is certified for use in golf carts.

Ease Of Installation

  • Mounting Options: Consider heaters that offer easy mounting options for quick installation.
  • Compatibility: Check if the heater is compatible with your golf cart model for a hassle-free setup.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips for Golf Cart Heaters

When using a golf cart heater, it’s important to ensure it remains in good condition for optimal performance and longevity. Here are some maintenance tips to help you keep your golf cart heater in top shape.

Longevity Of Propane

Proper maintenance of the propane tank for your golf cart heater is essential for its longevity. Ensure the tank is stored in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Regularly check for leaks and make sure the valve is tightly closed when not in use.

Storage In Off-season

During the off-season, proper storage of the golf cart heater is crucial to protect it from damage and ensure it functions effectively when needed. Clean the heater thoroughly, remove the propane tank, and store it in a dry, cool place away from any corrosive materials or potential impacts.

Best Golf Cart Heaters: Top-rated Propane Options


User Reviews

Discover the best golf cart heaters through user reviews and ratings. From Mr. Heater Golf Buddy to portable propane options, find the most effective heating solution for your golf cart. Stay warm during chilly rounds with top-rated golf cart heaters.

Community’s Favorite Golf Cart Heaters

When it comes to finding the best golf cart heaters, it’s always helpful to see what the golfing community has to say. User reviews provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the top golf cart heaters that have received rave reviews from users:

Personal Experiences And Recommendations

1. Mr. Heater Golf Buddy Golf Cart Heater: This heater has been highly recommended by golfers for its performance and durability. Users have praised its ability to heat up the cart quickly and keep them warm during cold rounds. 2. Electric Golf Cart Heater: Golfers who prefer an electric option have rated this heater highly for its efficiency and ease of use. It plugs directly into the cart’s battery and heats up the interior in no time. 3. Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts: Many users have praised the portability and convenience of this propane heater. It easily attaches to the cart and provides a steady source of heat throughout the round. 4. Golf Cart Heater Kit: This all-in-one kit includes everything you need to heat your golf cart effectively. Users have found it to be easy to install and powerful enough to keep them warm even in extremely cold temperatures. 5. Cyclone Golf Cart Heater: While it may be on the higher end of the price range, this heater has impressed users with its superior performance and durability. It is known for its powerful heat output and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Remember, the best golf cart heater for you may depend on your specific needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to read user reviews and consider factors such as heating capacity, fuel type, and ease of installation when making your decision. Stay warm and comfortable on the golf course with a reliable golf cart heater.
Best Golf Cart Heaters: Top-rated Propane Options


Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Golf Cart Heaters

What Is The Best Way To Heat A Golf Cart?

One popular option is a propane golf cart heater, a cost-effective and reliable choice to heat your golf cart effectively.

How Long Does Mr Heater Golf Cart Heater Last?

The Mr. Heater golf cart heater typically lasts for several seasons, providing reliable warmth during golf outings.

How Cold Is Too Cold For A Golf Cart?

Golf carts can typically handle temperatures around 32°F (0°C) before being too cold.

How Do I Keep My Golf Cart Battery Warm In The Winter?

To keep your golf cart battery warm in winter, avoid placing it directly on the ground as the cold temperature can damage it. Store the battery inside and protect it from temperature fluctuations and exposure to the elements. Consider using a reliable golf cart heater, like one that runs on propane, for additional warmth.

What Is The Best Way To Heat A Golf Cart?

A popular and cost-effective option is a propane-powered golf cart heater, providing reliable heating on the course.


In the world of golf, comfort is key, and a reliable golf cart heater is essential. Whether it’s a propane-powered design or an electric option, finding the right one can enhance your playing experience. With various options available at different price points, a golf cart heater is a worthwhile investment to combat cold weather conditions.